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        • The Zlín Elementary School, 4338 Kvítková Street, is situated in the centre of the town. It has specialised in extended foreign language teaching for decades.

          Children start learning English in their 1st year and then they choose another foreign language, from the following options - French, German and Spanish, in their 5th year and in their 7th year they may choose a third foreign language. Pupils have classes of Art in English (in the primary years) and Art in German (for secondary students) and they can also study Ethics in English (for secondary students). Language teaching is enhanced further by the offer of language seminars. Our secondary students can also enrol into an English club taught by a native speaker.
          Our students are able to take language exams based on their current language knowledge level (determined by the number of completed language classes). The Cambridge Exams for English, the Fit in Deutsch for German and the DELF A1, A2 for French, DELE for Spanish. Our older students can practise their language knowledge even more through experiencing trips to Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Spain and France which are organized by the school.
          The school also arranges school exchange trips. There are also afternoon clubs in which children can learn Russian or French.

          The school takes care of the pupils’ overall personal development. It organizes sport events for the pupils – in their 6th year a hiking trip with team-building activities, in the 7th year a skiing trip, in the 8th year a cycling trip and in the 9th year a rafting trip.
          Due to the fact that our students pass their secondary school entrance exams successfully only serves to reflect the quality of the educational process in the school.

          Within the school there is also a school canteen as well as a kids’ club for our primary pupils. It runs daily from 6 am to 5 pm, but until 4:30pm on Fridays. There is a wide range of free-time activities offered in the kids’ club.

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      • Základní škola Zlín, Kvítková 4338, příspěvková organizace
      • Kvítková 4338 760 01 Zlín
      • +420 577 213 405
      • zskvitkova@zskvitkova.cz
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